Saturday, 9 June 2012

Back On My Bike!

After a few niggly sessions on the massage table, my afflictions have been righted, at long last. I was relieved, but a little frustrated, to hear that my chest pain was coming from a twisted rib-cage and sternum which lead to a whole lot of other less-than-ideal consequences (insert various physiotherapy jargon terms here) which I was obviously zoned out to as it was being thrown at me. I apoligise for my vagueness. But the conclusion is that the problem is more or less solved.

I decided, due to my do or die attitude at the time, to throw myself in the deep end and race yesterday, despite nearly two weeks spent mostly on the couch. I felt entitled to race it like a limpet - ie clinging to the rock-face that is the back of the bunch and very rarely showing my face anywhere else - as not to send my body into complete shock, and the chest thanked me for it (unlike the majority of A-grade) by doing what it's supposed to. So I can only assume from that that I am good to go.

Now for the panic training..

Stay tuned,

Sunday, 3 June 2012

And here's the sob session...

But not because I had to slave my way through the torturous few days of bike racing they call 'Le Tour de Taranaki', but in fact for the complete opposite reason. Which sounds like I am just extremely hard to please, but the fact is, I couldn't race, because the body is not up to it. And worse still, I'm not entirely sure why.

Long story short, something is not right with my chest. Any serious problems with my heart have been ruled out, so the doc is guessing it's a virus thats causing a bit of havoc in my lungs. Either that or something mechanical. I am frustrated, to say the least, but there is no use throwing a wobbly over it so all I can do is get on with things and get better as quickly as I can. I am sure I will back on my bike very soon.

AND. Just to add insult to injury, the weather at the tour was perfect. No wind, (practically) no rain, no snow - very unlike the past four years that I have raced it. So after all my moaning, it turns out the tour would have been almost pleasant, almost being the operative word.

You will be hearing from me shortly (stories with more biking and less babble)


PS. Spectating is not harder than it looks, regardless of what parents and supporters may tell you.